In episode 54 of Shit We Don’t Talk About, Mia is joined again by Drew Linsalata to talk about the idea that the Universe has your back, that you can manifest the life you want, and that there is automatic abundance if you just open yourself up to it.  Well really, we’re talking about how those messages quickly veer into toxic and harmful places when you don’t acknowledge the mental health, social, and economic reality of a world outside your own experience.

So … spoiler alert … if you can’t stand the idea of EVERYONE getting the abundance they desire, then your belief that the Universe has your back is a giant steaming pile of horse dung and you may want to re-think that position or at least be quiet about it.

The Universe has to have everybody’s back, or nobody’s back.  It can’t just have your back.

The Highlights:

Spiritual / Mental Health Red Flags

There is an entire large subset of the population that crosses racial, cultural, and economic dividing lines for which the repeated insistence that “thoughts become things” is not only inaccurate but truly harmful.

People working on recovery from anxiety disorders such as OCD can be driven directly into the ground by the suggestion that thoughts, intentions, or “vibrations” can create reality in any way.

The principles of anxiety disorder recovery are completely counterintuitive. The way out of panic disorder or OCD (as examples) have nothing to do with seeking positivity, changing vibrational level, or choosing abundance. Those behaviors and mindsets make things worse in these populations. The way out is to work alongside the “negative” thoughts (and vibrations?) to learn that we are able to handle them and navigate through them based on our competence, not on the belief that somehow the universe will provide for us.

Toxic manifestation can cross over into toxic spirituality. Problems?  Just re-set your intentions and open yourself up to abundance!  Or just pray harder and get closer to Jesus! The world is full of suffering people that are praying, setting intentions, and vibrating all day long to no avail. These are not helpful messages to hammer people with.


Privilege and Social Red Flags

Working based on the idea that the Universe will provide based on intention, manifestation and vibration is working from a place of privilege. It’s much easier to manifest a good life when you don’t have to worry about being judged, excluded, or even harassed based on the color of your skin or your cultural background.

Recognize when your “abundance” is coming at the cost of others. Take whatever action you can – often by acting locally – to minimize the impact of your abundant manifestation on the very large number of people that appear to be systemically excluded from the abundant universe fan club.

What happens when my abundance and manifestation might impact yours?  There are a whole lot of manifesters politically aligned with the politics of social and economic reform obstructionism. Everyone wants to talk about an abundant Universe until that universe might give a slice of their pie to someone that has no pie.  Then there’s a problem, and we’re told that we really need to think carefully about all of this. It would appear that conservative-leaning white Americans have corned the market on abundance and manifestation.


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