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BREAKING: Board Member @dr_moayedi will testify to the House Oversight Committee on Sept 30 alongside abortion storytellers and other advocates for abortion care making clear how state level bans on abortion care like TX #SB8 are dangerous for communities. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/congress/house-oversight-committee-examine-states-efforts-restrict-abortion-access-n1279684

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One day we're going to have a conversation about how inadequate the term "pro-choice" is when so many pregnant people don't have any choice whatsoever.

Through poverty and/or lack of access to repro health care, they're being forced by the state to carry pregnancies to term. https://twitter.com/lizzywol/status/1440002841926569987

Liz Wolfe@lizzywol

R.I.P. to the thrill & joy of meeting people in the wild, where you're not immediately in filtering mode based on a list of boxes that must be checked...

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