Well, it has been a hot minute or two since I’ve done a car review (spoiler alert, more to come, lots of cars lined up!). This time it was the 2021 Venza Limited Hybrid – a completely new model launch for Toyota. I had a great time trying out this new ride AND celebrating #NationalPetMonth (which, really, in MY world… is every month). To celebrate, Toyota sent along some fun goodies including a new pet bowl, scarf, leash AAAAND a Wander Hammock Car Seat cover from Kurgo (perfect to keep pet hair off the upholstery ). And we were able to support a local restaurant with the gift card – a visit to Lazy Dog Saloon was the perfect place to celebrate #NationalPetMonth
The Venza was the perfect ride for picking up donated pet food & supplies from Aurora Animal Hospital and drop it off at Colorado Pet Pantry (see all about them below). This fun new model CUV had all the bells and whistles – here’s my take on this zippy and roomy ride.

2021 Venza Limited Hybrid

✅Base cost: $39,800
✅With Upgrades & delivery fee: $43,100
✅Did you catch that new acronym? CUV – that’s “cross-over utility vehicle”
✅39 MPG AVERAGE – that’s pretty great for a CUV (40 city/37 highway) – with that kind of gas savings, definitely spring for the upgrades (listed below)
✅Advanced Technology Package included the Head-Up Display is great for keeping your eyes on the road (upgrade cost:- $725)
✅12.3″ touchscreen display – it was extra big which and I liked the touchscreen option
✅Heated and ventilated perforated SofTex®-trimmed 90 seats – y’all … ventilated seats with cool air is the best thing a woman in menopause could ask for!
✅Venza’s hybrid battery warranty lasts for 10 years from date of first use or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first. Not bad if you aren’t a high mileage kinda person
✅$1400 – Star Gaze™ fixed panoramic roof with on/off control and power sunshade. So THAT’S what it’s called! This feature is amazing and I can’t believe it hasn’t been around forever. Push a button and the panorama roof turns from opaque to clear – pretty nifty and worth it for an extra $1400
✅The all-new Venza is exclusively equipped with a Toyota Hybrid System II powertrain set to deliver an impressive estimated 30 MPG combined fuel economy. Not to mention ample room for five and a host of new tech features.

Two features that would not bode well in the Zombie Apocalypse:

????‍♂️ It’s lacking a volume knob. Like an actual knob to turn the music up & down. There were plenty of other ways to regulate the volume (on the dashboard and on the steering wheel) but I kept reaching for a knob anyway. Which means if I were driving along & cranking up the music during a Zombie Apocalypse and wanted to turn the sound down quickly to make sure the zombie didn’t hear me, I’d be fumbling.
????‍♂️ Handsfree Power Liftgate – now if you forgot to turn off this feature and zombie crawled under your car… wellll, you do the math. #WontTurnOutWell BUT, when a Zombie Apocalypse is not in the works, it’s an awesome feature when your hands are full.
Toyota also graciously donated $100 which was gifted to my two favorite animal charities:
???? Colorado Pet Pantry – CPP gathers pet food donations and then partners with and distributes directly out of Denver “human” food banks to distribute donated pet food throughout Colorado. This keeps pets fed and with their beloved families!
???? Denkai Animal Sanctuary – Advocating for animals around Colorado – their rescue efforts are tireless and amazing