This car loan from Chevrolet was in exchange for my very opinionated opinion!

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2020 Chevy Bolt EV Premier 

  • Standard Vehicle Cost: $41,020
  • Total Cost with Upgrades: $42,860
  • Upgrades include: DC Fast Charging Provisions ($750), Infotaintment Package – ($595 ) – wireless charging, Bose speaker system, USB Charging – Rear Seats,  Driver Confidence II Package – Intellibeam Headlamps, Forward Collision Alert, etc.
  • $118 MGP!!! 127 City / 108 Highway / 29 KW hrs. per 100 miles
  • Maximum of 259 miles with a charge time of 9.9 hours


  • SUPER easy to charge (even with a regular wall outlet)
  • The DC Fast Charging upgrade is a plus. The wall charging feature is great for “topping off” – just plug it in as soon as you get home.
  • Regenerative Braking – it’s a version of gamifying your drive – the more you use the braking “paddles” on the steering wheel (rather than the brake), the more your battery power is renewed. It’s so easy to get used to but a bit difficult to unlearn once you get into a regular vehicle!
  • The driver information center is large & easy to see – 10.2″ touchscreen
  • Lots of room in the back seat which is surprising for a sedan EV, right? I sat in the back and had plenty of room (I’m 5’7″) and the kids also thought it was room and comfortable
  • Remote vehicle start – great for chilly Colorado mornings
  • Speaking of chilly, this model had front AND rear heated seats
  • Wi-Fi Connect

Other thoughts:

  • You could easily get a ticket with this car – it accelerates SO easily and quietly – all of a sudden, you are going over the speed limit!
  • EV life is very easy to get used to!
  • The trunk did feel flimsy (one of the only drawbacks I noticed)
  • Safety rating is 5 star with the except of the passenger side and rear side crash (4 stars)

Overall, this is something I would like to add to my car collection! (I’m an SUV fan as well and like having the ability to haul around things too)