Let’s start with a Disclaimer – the products from Seed and compensation were provided in exchange for my honest feedback & opinion. Because you know how mouthy I get! Seed is a trusted wellness source which is why I agreed to collaborate with them.  #NoTrustIssuesHere #Ad #Accountable

First, here’s my take on it all:

Probiotics.  The most scientific and effective yet most boring-sounding thing you can take. I know, I know, I sound critical. But indulge me.

So I’ve heard a ton about probiotics and all that. 
And then I checked out Seed and learned about their Daily Synbiotic product (a probiotic + prebiotic combo) and started taking their products earlier this year. See, here’s the deal, I don’t have any noticeable gut problems. (thank you JEEEESUS for that) but after giving it all a closer look, I learned that all the gut stuff.. . well, it’s tied to everything (see the info below). It’s like the Adam & Eve of our ecosystem (my analogy).  SO many things can mess it up beyond belief.  Unfortunately, modern medicine (ahem, cough, WESTERN) is geared towards treating symptoms rather than causes.  And if you don’t know better, it’s so easy to take something to treat a symptom rather than the root cause.
OK, back to me and my boring system. Look, I’m in my 50’s and in menopause so trying to suss out what’s causing my hot flashes and irritability is a full-time job (don’t judge, I’m a work in progress). This means that I am on the constant and vigilant lookout to make sure things are working right for me. And one of those things is to diligently look after my internal universe.
So my process/habit to incorporate this particular well-vetted product (and trust me, I get hit up with a LOT of product company making a lot of promises) is to keep a glass jar of water by the bed (not the wide-mouthed kind – my cat BonQuiQui is notorious for bogarting my water). I also love using a metal straw – this allows me to half wake up, lean over, get a drink, not spill on myself, and then go back to sleep.  
I keep my Seed jar by my bed and take 2 capsules AS SOON as I wake up. No thought process, no excuses.  BOOM, 2 green capsules – my Ball jar of water (not pictured here but, believe me, it exists) and the favorite metal straw. It’s the little things, folks.
So while I may not “feel” the benefits of Seed because I’m blessed with a (so far) normal digestion system, I know that it’s keeping me at a normal I don’t have to question.
I’m excited for my Dad & Stepmama to try out the products as well!

What Gut Health is connected to:

Poop!  Obvs gut health is tied to going #2. Speaking of which, two strains in the Daily Synbiotic formulation were examined in a study for their beneficial effects in relieving intestinal discomfort, evacuation disorders, hard stools, bloating, and pain.

Skin Care:  The link between skin health and gut health is clear, and (aside from all the other benefits) taking a daily probiotic can be helpful.

Whole-body health (not just digestive health!) including micronutrient synthesis, heart, and skin health.

Seed University

First things first: before I could even consider working with them.. I had to go to school! YES, I went to Seed University. Here are a few of the things I learned:

  • Feel like you are not alone? That’s because 38 trillion invisible bacteria call you home! Yup, don’t freak out but that much bacteria is inside you. We are multi-species organisms
    co-existing with 38 trillion microbes. #SuperBusy #CoolAndNotGross
  • “Seeding” – The process of receiving your foundational microbes, first from your mother and then from your environment
  • The scientific definition of “Probiotic” – Live microorganisms that, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host (pssst.  That’s you.)

Things I love about Seed 

Folate Boost:  their Daily Synbiotic includes a probiotic strain that increase the production of folate (especially essential if you are planning on some baby-making)

Trust Factor: The Daily Synbiotic is a probiotic and prebiotic – it’s vegan and gluten-free, and includes 24 clinically and scientifically-studied, naturally-occurring strains, not found in yogurt or fermented foods and beverages, and lives up to the highest standards for human and planetary health

Green Packaging! Their commitment to sustainability with a refill system and all-recyclable / biodegradable packaging materials.

Did you know that as pollinators, honeybees are critical to a third of our global food crops? Widespread pesticide use, along with climate change, disease, and habitat loss, has contributed to ColonyCollapse Disorder. @seed and their team of #SeedLabsscientists developed a probiotic BioPatty™ to support insect immunity and defend against pathogens. I mean, does your probiotic company also save the bees

List below are a TON of super awesome & nerdy resources provided by Seed for learning more about Probiotics and Gut Health.

Microbiome 101

Probiotics 101

Poop Scale Decoder 

Probiotics Are Often Mislabeled – here’s how to tell

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