On episode 64 of Shit We Don’t Talk About, Mia chats with Ayla Luna Rae of Ancient Destiny. Mia and Ayla are talking about Kambo, a south American frog secretion healing ritual, or as Mia likes to call it, “The unsexiest, most difficult most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life. So far”.

More about Kambo:

What is Kambo?

Kambo is the venom secreted from the skin of an amazonian tree frog called Phyllomedusa Bicolor or Two Colored Leaf Guardian, also known as The Giant Monkey Tree Frog. Kambo is one of the worlds most powerful anti-biotics, is an anti-inflammatory, is known to heal eye problems, reverse cancer, helps with fertility, aids/HIV, candida, auto-immune disorders, joint problems, hepatitis, herpes, and more! Kambo is used to balance and align mind, body, spirit, & soul.

What Can Kambo Help With?

Mind – reprogram limiting beliefs, end repetitive habits, mental disorders, self-control/increase ability to be non-reactive, cleanse your thoughts and the way you process feelings, depression, anxiety, addiction, PTSD, trauma/sexual trauma, increase conscious awareness of nature, others, and environment, balances emotions.

Body – remove parasites, heal organs (liver, kidneys, heart, intestines…), cleanse blood, strengthen bones, hormonal balance, full lymphatic detoxification & re-set, clear & enhance cellular memory, reprogram and update DNA, balances womb issues, endometriosis, cycle regulation, skin disorders, overall detoxification, More!

Spirit – repairs and strengthens energy body, auric field/magnetic field, removes blockages form nadis/meridians & chakra centers, fine tunes inner-guidance.

Soul – brings you in alignment with the truth of your own authenticity, removes the masks of society, familial, and cultural beliefs about yourself and shows you how to live your soul’s purpose.

More about Ayla:

Ayla Luna Rae – Ancient Destiny



I’m an Initiated Kambo Practitioner through @cosmovisions.inc with over 10 years of Yogic Training in Vinyasa & Kundalini and 9 years of Shamanic Apprenticeship under various Lineages and Teachers. My Ancestors trace back to the Muscogee Creek Tribe of Turtle Island, The Bantu of Africa, the Ancient Celts of Scotland, Ireland, and the Nuragic Water-Moon Worshippers of Sardinia. I am a Medicine Maker and Self-Published Author who tends to the Land through regenerative farming practices, ceremonial prayer, and sustainable rituals, a Death Doula, Ordained Minister and Creatress of @ancient.destiny and @7thgenerationcollective, holding my vision of Community and Indigenous land RECLAMATION. 

As a student of commerce and Natural Law, I also assist people who are called to go through the process of Status Correction and Estate Planning. 

You can find Me in San Diego, offering donation-based Community Healing Circles and serving Earth Medicines through my Ministry @ancient.destiny. I’m a Natural Birthing Mother of two. Organic Herbalist and Land Tender, Primal Mama, and Women’s Sacred Living Guide. My offerings include Plant Medicine, Status Correction / Indigenous Reclamation & Status Correction, Retreat and Circle Hosting, Officiating Ceremonies, Coming of Age, and Death Doula Services. All offerings are rooted in the teachings of my ancestors, the wisdom of earth, and integration of mind, body, spirit, soul. I’m confident and passionate in providing services to those who are ready to gain tools and practices that reconnect them with their own Divine Knowing.


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