What a privilege to sit down with my friend Antonio (Tony) Harvey and discuss his experience of being a Black man in the news media machine for 30 years which are eye-opening & informative.


Audio Transcript

Tony also shares stories of growing up in Illinois (we went to Champaign Central High School together – Class of ’83 – Go Mighty Maroons!), tales of the Great Migration in his family history, and his own journey of discovery uncovering hidden (and not so hidden) racist practices around the US.

There’s also a shoutout to previous guest Dr. Rob Copeland – check out his episode here: Systemic Racism – Episode 10  

Here’s a link to information about Belmar Triangle which was mentioned in the podcast: Belmar Triangle (see photos below)

Tony is a Reporter/Photojournalist/Author residing in Sacramento, California – you can learn more about him & follow him at these links:



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