This week, on a very special Shit We Don’t Talk About, Mia is joined by prior guest Drew Linsalata to embark on a Shit We Don’t KNOW About journey.  What don’t we know about?  We have no idea how President Trump’s campaign staff wound up staging a deranged press conference in the dusty parking lot of a tiny landscaping company on the outskirts of Philadelphia.

No, it’s not an episode of Veep.  It’s real life, which makes it that much better!

Normally we’re gonna give you some valuable takeaways from the podcast episode, but this time all we got is this:

  1. The press conference was between the fire extinguisher and the yellow garden hose.
  2. At a base level, we’re all just between a dildo shop and a crematorium, aren’t we?
  3. Mia falls asleep way too early.  It’s genetic.
  4. Leslie Jones and Patton Oswalt are hilarious.
  5. NEVER just call the first number you find on Google. You might also wind up between the fire extinguisher and the garden hose.

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Hidden Place by Rafael Krux


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