On the 39th episode of Shit We Don’t Talk About, Drew Linsalata is back for another Shit We Don’t KNOW About.  This time the discussion focuses on the current Andrew Cuomo situation and continued systemic sexism and harassment.

NOTE: The Governor resigned less than 24 hours after this episode was recorded.  So we have that going for us.  Which is nice.

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The Highlights

  • How on God’s green Earth did Andrew Cuomo think that “This is just how I am and if you interpret it badly that’s on you” is a good defense to what went on in his office?
  • That response really brings the reality of systemic sexism and harassment into clear focus. It would appear that the Governor of New York truly did not think that he did anything wrong here.
  • Things got even worse when two women tried to ride to the defense of the Governor, one of which has made a name as part of the Times Up movement.
  • This is not a liberal vs conservative issue.  This is a human issue. There are no politics here.  Kissing your subordinates, calling them endearing names, and discussing their sex lives with them have nothing to do with politics or ideology.
  • As always, we have to point out that this issue still exists everywhere, even years after the MeToo movement started shining a light on these problems.
  • The roots of this kind of problem clearly go way back.  They’ve been woven into our culture for many years.  The task of un-weaving and dismantling isn’t easy.  It will require time and effort.
  • One of the guiding principles, as we move forward here, remains … “Know who you are following.”  Ask yourself if that person has earned the right to operate from a position of impunity without being questions or checked.  Rarely can that question be answered with a yes.


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