On the fifth episode of Shit We Don’t Talk About; Mia talks about the childless matriarch and invites Louisa Garrett to explain the concept to the rest of us. Typically, the world is divided up into mothers and non-mothers. Introducing the childless matriarch, a woman of power who might help rear some of the children in her family as well as in the community. They might be an involved aunt, for example.

Women have long been held to the stereotype that they need to have families and become moms and this is a topic just begging to be explored!

In Louisa’s family, raising children relies on the village, or the circle of people you are closest to. Women without children aren’t looked down on or expected to have kids. They are recognized for their important role in children’s lives. Just because you’re not the mom or the parent, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good influence and be there as a listening ear. 

Three takeaways from this episode of the Shit We Don’t Talk About podcast.

  1. Kids often are more comfortable listening to adults who aren’t their parents.
  2. You can be a positive role model for kids & young adults without being a parent. 
  3. Be respectful of the different female dynamics in our world. And above all, be kind to women who make decisions about their lives no matter what they are. Louisa’s #makekindloud mission is a great reminder to do that.

No one has any right to make anyone else uncomfortable about their life’s choices. Some women don’t want to have kids of their own. It doesn’t mean they don’t like to be around kids, but as Mia put it, maybe there’s no baby coming because even a Nativity scene can’t help that. Let women own their lives and their bodies. Pregnancy can be magical without making every woman want to rush out and get knocked up!

Surprise! You can be childless and supportive and even childless, and a grandparent as Louisa is. After all, we belong to each other. We are all in this together, and giving each other grace when it comes to personal decisions is going to make us even closer. For more on this subject, make sure to follow Louisa at Makekindloud.com.

Remember, when we commit to talking about the shit we don’t talk about, we’ll be okay.

Til next week. Tune in. Turn on. Talk.

About Louisa

Louisa Garrett is the architect behind the movements #MakeKindLoud and Pass the Love…something that was born from her own frustration with the world, the politics, the negativity, the hatred towards others. Louisa examined her own story to discover things she didn’t like and made a conscious decision to change the way she was showing up in the world. 

“Go Be the Change You Wish to See in the World” — That is what Louisa is doing. 

Now, she speaks to corporations, groups, organizations, schools, and challenges them to find ways to #MakeKindLoud. She hosts weekly online conversations and interviews the heroes among us who are making the world better in their own kind ways.

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