On the 14th episode of Shit We Don’t Talk About, Shenika Carter drops some truth bombs about active activism and how we all need to stay engaged and involved–even though the annoying orange is vacating the Oval. That doesn’t mean the fight is over.

For as long as minorities have been around, they have been marginalized, and their civil liberties and human rights threatened. This year, Hispanic people were told that if Trump didn’t win, their rent rates would increase. But Shenika wasn’t shocked, as appalling as it is, and this is what we need to pay attention to: shit like this goes down and affects oppressed populations regularly. 

That’s just one takeaway from this episode of the Shit We Don’t Talk About podcast. Here are three more.

  1. Black voters who have been voting for decades have been thrown off the ballot and their registrations removed. This is voter suppression, and it even happened to Martin Luther King Jr.’s cousin!
  2. White slave owners who were forced to give up their slaves were given reparations. This is a new bit of information that gives even more credibility to their being an actual gap in generational wealth–as well, as it is incredulous when we know that black people have been asking for reparations for years.
  3. Even though it’s 2020, people who have organized protests are facing 20 years in prison. And yeah, this is legal…in case you were wondering!

In this day and age, we have major race problems that, sometimes, white people can’t see. Legislation is racist. How terrorism is attacked is racist. White domestic terrorism is the issue, and rightfully so, Shenika asks, “Why don’t we have a task force for that?” It’s a question that needs answering and definite proof that more and deep work must be done. This would not be tolerated if the people affected were white.

You need to listen to this episode of the Shit We Don’t Talk About podcast to accept that the reason we have so many race issues today is due to the continued unfair treatment of black people that dates back to how they were allowed to be treated in society. That’s also why you need to make sure you vote to change up the Senate and help to make a different kind of history.

About Shenika Carter

If you ‘d like to learn more about Shenika and the amazing work she’s doing, go to c4racialjustice.org. And congrats to Shenika on her recent appointment as a board member to the Womens Lobby of Colorado – I was so excited about that news that I actually joined as a member myself.


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