In episode  21 of Shit We Don’t Talk About, Mia is joined by Rick Finbow.  Rick is a Denver-based psychic medium, animal communicator, and magical life coach. Mia and Rick dive into the world of trusting your gut, psychic powers, finding the right psychic, tarot card, and more.

Misconceptions About Psychics And Readers

People often fear the death card. The death card has been given a bad reputation in popular culture, but the death card does not mean literal death. Rather, we see the death card as a sign of transformation. Ripping away the past to begin anew. The way the death card is interpreted is largely dependent on the context in which it comes up in session. A good back and forth between reader and client can really help clarify meaning or provide insight here.

Readers are not always “airy fairy” (Rick’s own words!). Psychic readers vary!  Find the reader that resonates with you. Some readers do tend more toward the purely spiritual.  If that feels right to you, then there is nothing wrong with choosing a reader that might be less practical and more purely spiritual in nature. Others (like Rick) may be more grounded and practical in their approach. There is no “one size fits all” here. If it feels right to you, then odds are it IS right for you.

Takeaways – What Can A Reader Do For You?

  1. A good reader can help you make sense of the world around you. Conceptualizing life events or even major societal shifts (global pandemic, anyone?) within the framework of a larger schema that can explain why and how things are happening can be very useful. A reader is not just here to predict the future. A reader can help you interpret both the past and the present in a productive way.
  2. Readers can help you see and understand patterns and cycles. Rick points out that so much of the upheaval we are currently experiencing in the world has been repeated again and again throughout the ages. Things that seem overwhelming and “unprecedented” have likely happened before. We can learn from those things.  A good reader can help you see this.
  3. A reader can help you understand and navigate day-to-day situations and challenges. Especially today, the changes forced upon us by the pandemic, societal and political changes may mean that you have to show up differently in the world. Your reader can help you get a grip on these things.

Going Forward – What Can We Expect?

Rick is feeling hopeful that in 2021 March will bring us some hope, and August will see us regaining our sense of normalcy, where we can connect again with each other and start to get back to the things we’ve been missing so much. In the meanwhile, use this time wisely. Take on the projects you want to take on, and be sure to get straight with who is in your tribe, and who you want and don’t want in your tribe. You get to choose those things, so take this opportunity to choose wisely!

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